Construction Photography Services

construction lot outline birds eye view

Aerial Photography Services for Construction

We offer construction drone services for building site photography, construction progress photos, and panoramas. Construction site aerial photography is one of the best tools for commercial real estate developers in 2021. We offer traditional (non-drone) building site photography as well.

Drone services are valuable for commercial real estate developers, residential builders, and civil engineering projects. This new technology has been proven to show if a project is up-to-speed or running behind schedule. It can highlight a number of issues including weathering, building code violations, height restrictions, environmental impacts, and more. Panoramas, like the one shown below, really let you see the scope of the project and how it is coming along.

Construction site aerial photography really shows an overview of the project in real-time. We can edit photos to have property outlines and text callouts to show highlighted areas of the building site. Construction site photography, including aerial photography, is essential for monitoring construction progress. Aerial photography for construction is an overlooked tool for managing your project efficiently.

Do you only need a few quick drone shots of Las Vegas neighborhoods? Check out our stock drone footage collection for realtor marketing! Only purchase the video clips you need for your project! We also offer video editing for your footage if needed.